About Next Music Icon

Next Music Icon originated from a conversation with a friend and talented musician. During the conversation, I asked why he wasn’t signed to a label and his reply was, “It’s not about Labels anymore, it’s all about fans, having a following." I realized he was right and I thought, “How could I help him and other talented, deserving musicians?” NEXT MUSIC ICON, a by-product of the initial conversation with a friend, is how! Here you will experience a unique, fan-driven online platform for independent musicians to be heard, not just by other artists, but by true music fans. There are other websites for musicians out there, but the reviews are all the same, “I just wish it was more fan-friendly”...“fans just don’t sign up, because there is little reason to”.  As a result, none of them have many fan accounts.

Through our Battles, NEXT MUSIC ICON gives both the Artists and the Fans a reason to be involved by giving them both a chance to win money! Whether Musicians win their battles or not, our main goal is to make sure everyone who signs up on NEXT MUSIC ICON will have a positive experience. Next Music Icon offers Musicians the chance to develop a fan base, as well as establish real-life professional experience as a driven artist! We are here to be the stepping stone towards achieving dreams! As John Wooden once said, “Don't give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you”. Thank you for visiting our site and please let us know if we may assist you in reaching your Dreams!