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Every Musician will need to create a Free Profile. A picture of the Musician/Band will need to be downloaded, as well as a short Biography of who they are and what they represent. The musicians will also be able to download up to 5 of their songs, which they can sell. The musician will collect 85% of all sales, which will be credited to their Website Credit. A video of the musician/band can also be linked to their profile and also links to their Social Media Sites and website.


Fan Cash Giveaway allows fans an opportunity to hear great music, to have a voice in who wins every week, and to win money every week in each genre. No Purchase is Necessary to become eligible. To be eligible you will need to create a Free Fan Profile which we will need your name, email, and address. Note that your Privacy is important and that your information is for the use of NEXT MUSIC ICON only. Once you have created a Free Fan Profile all you have to do is vote once in the Genre Battle of your choice during that week’s Battle to become eligible. Vote in every Genre Battle to become eligible in every Genre.

If you have created your Free Profile and voted once during the Weekly Battles, then you will be eligible to win the Fan Cash in that Genre. The Fan Money Winnings will be displayed at the top of each genre page and will change each time a new musician enters the Battle. The website will choose a random winner in each genre every week. You must be 18 years of age to be eligible. For more information, refer to Terms & Conditions.